Please find below responses to some of the questions we are asked. If your query is not covered in the list or you want to provide any feedback about our services please contact the Venuemasters office on 0114 245 3423.

Are venues just available during student vacations? Although there are more meeting rooms and bedrooms available during vacation periods, the majority of academic venues now have some meeting facilities available throughout the year at any time.

Do Venuemasters receive commission? There is no commission on meeting or group accommodation bookings made by using our enquiry service. Our main income is from an annual membership fee paid by the venues we work with.

Do venues pay commission to agencies? Some venues will pay commission and the details can be checked with the venue directly.

Is there a fee to use the search system? No, our professional team will process your enquiry free of charge and there are no hidden costs.

How long will it take for venues to respond to my enquiry? A list of venues that can help with your meeting or accommodation enquiry is sent to you within 24 hours. The venues then have another 24 hours to contact you directly, but you may hear from some before this time.

Who are your member venues? A selction of academic venues in the UK that are either owned by an educational establishment; or where the venue's core business is the provision of further, higher or professional education.

How does my venue become a member? All applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. For more information abourt membership please contact Natalie Williamson, Interim General Manager on 0114 245 3423 or email natalie@venuemasters.co.uk