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Introduction and background

A fundamental principle of marketing is to understand ‘what the customer wants’ so the company conducts regular research with event organisers to help identify their needs and the way they select venues.

The ‘2012 Buyers Report’ aims to provide a valuable insight into the current and future plans and activities of a variety of meeting and group accommodation organisers operating in the UK. The research was carried out by Venuemasters and all academic venues should find this research useful for strategic and promotional planning. As a marketing organisation, we believe key information should be presented to potential buyers in a clear and consistent manner through a variety of media.

The overall aim of the research

The aim of the report is not to identify which media should or shouldn’t be used, but to help venues identify what is most relevant to buyers so they can allocate their time and money accordingly. The report is intended to look at the current and future trends of the marketplace from the perspective of buyers (event organisers). This includes collating the views of buyers on anticipated developments, influencing factors in the decision making process and their views on the use of academic venues. 

Profile of the 200 buyers that took part in the survey

  • Over three quarters (77%) day and/or residential meetings
  • Over a third (36%) of the sample organise group accommodation
  • Over half (53%) are from not-for-profit organisations
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) are from corporate organisations
  • Some 40% have job titles at senior management or director levels

A copy of the 2012 report can be downloaded from the right of this page.


1st November 2012


2012 Buyers Research Report (970.9k)