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A fundamental principle of marketing is to understand ‘what the customer wants’ so the company conducts regular research with event organisers to help identify their needs and the way they select venues.

This report aims to provide a valuable insight into the methods used by a variety of meeting and group accommodation organisers to search and select venues for their events. The research has been carried out by Venuemasters and all academic venues should find this research useful for strategic and promotional planning. As a marketing organisation, we believe key information should be presented to potential buyers in a clear and consistent manner through a variety of media. The aim of this report is not to recommend which media should or shouldn’t be used, but to help venues identify what information and other factors are most relevant to buyers so they can allocate their time and budgets accordingly.

The key aims of the research

This report is intended to identify (1) the sources of information and range of media used by organisers when searching for a venue (2) the essential criteria they use to select a venue (3) the essential information they want included in proposals from venues. This report also includes reference to the changes in the number and budgets in 2014 compare with 2015; plus their views on the advantages and advantages of using academic venues in comparison to other types of venues.

A free copy of the report can be downloaded from the PDF on the right, this is available to all members as part of their 2014-15 membership package.

7th January 2015