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imago is the new brand for conferences and events at Loughborough University and their brand strap line of ‘high performance built in’ is certainly being reinforced when it comes to the meals provided for their customers.

imago, building on the quality of service and attention to detail that have long been key ingredients of the catering staff at Loughborough, is working in conjunction with Loughborough Sport – world-renowned for high class sporting achievement – in offering healthy eating options (dedicated to high performance sports people) to customers who come to Loughborough.

These options have been evaluated by a top class sports dietician, Nicky Gilbert, who currently advises Sport England, UK Athletics, ECB National Cricket Academy and Nationwide league football teams.

‘The types of customers we have at Loughborough are extremely varied and we always want to ensure that we cater for very specific needs be it as a group or as an individual’ said Mark Price, Executive Chef. Mark should know. Both he and his team have helped create some very successful and memorable menus for a wide range of events hosted by Loughborough.

Some of the challenges have included catering for The Theosophical Society, which required vegetarian and vegan food only over a six-day event. Similarly, when Loughborough hosted a meeting for the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (UK), the focus for the catering team was very much about offering an appetising, nutritional but low-calorie array of food that would appeal to children requiring dietary management– quite a challenge but Mark and his team relished the opportunity! The focus in paying attention to detail goes beyond the preparation and care given to food.

‘The environment in which we prepare the food is also a consideration that some of our customers make’, says Mark. ‘For example, when we hosted a kosher event, Maccabi GB, a six day sports event, we invited the rabbi into our kitchens in order for him to have the reassurance needed about the high standards within which we operate. He in turn blessed the catering area and – very importantly for us – endorsed the use of our own chefs in preparing the kosher food in accordance with the required disciplines. I see these varied customer requirements as an opportunity for us to both enrich our capabilities and to widen our culinary repertoire’ says Price.

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